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2019 Marketing Tips For Success

Consumers are always in search of something new. We love convenience or any product or service that makes our lives a little easier. Here are 5 tips to consider when rolling out a smart-marketing campaign.

  1. Collaborate: Share your ideas with the team, marketing advisor or a reputable outsourced marketing company. 
  2. Tell your story: After you create your product or service, share your story through networking, blogging, social media and video. Building relationships is the key to success. Remember people do business with someone they know and trust.
  3. Every word matters: Start everything with search engine optimization (SEO). This includes writing a blog, social post, article, web page, ad, email, print and even the name of your company! 
  4. Know your audience: It doesn’t work if you try to be something for everyone. Identify your core audience and be authentic. 
  5.  Keep it fresh. Refresh web content at least once every six months. Blogging regularly will help. Search engines love fresh content and relevant keywords. Organic ranking on Google’ first page takes work. Reread #3, take your time and believe in what you’re doing.