American Wellness, Inc. is a national distributor for 30+ CBD (cannabidiol) products in the U.S. and international. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory safe for adults, seniors, children and pets. CBD strengthens the nervous and immune system, brain and digestion.  See medical conditions and benefits.

CBD products are offered in the form of capsules, oil tinctures, vape pen, children’s formula, pet tinctures and treats for 20+ medical conditions. Our products offer the full entourage effect by extracting from the whole hemp plant; flower, stalk and leaves. All products are high quality and are third party lab tested.

Our customers: Any retailer, medical office, nutrition store, organic market, veterinarian clinic, chiropractor, therapist, foundation, hospital, rehab facility, assisted facility, etc.

American Wellness Services:

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  • 100% refund
  • Free patient education courses
  • Lobby / counter display
  • Patient email support 24/7
  • Product is shipped from the manufacturer to your business
  • Minimum order – only one case (12 items.)

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    CBD Facts & Reviews
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural anti-inflammatory and aids in pain management and healing.
  • CBD can be taken with prescription medication and other nutritional supplements. There are no known side effects.
  • Listen Radio Talk Show interviews Catherine Zito about CBD, Hemp Oil, Medical Marijuana, health benefits, medical conditions, dosing, clinical studies and legal.
  • CBD does not have a euphoric or high effect. It is derived from the Hemp plant, not the marijuana THC plant.  Products are safe for adults, seniors, children and pets. Do not take while pregnant or breast-feeding.
  • Anti-inflammatory nutritional supplements strengthen the nervous and immune system, brain and digestion.
  • Studies show reducing inflammation can help with chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety, stress, cancer, heart disease, seizures, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease and gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Dosing – Start slow. Manufacturers recommend 10mg per day to reduce inflammation or pain. Increase dosage as needed.
  • Results can be felt in as little as 48 hours up to 30 days.
  • Always communicate with your physician.