CBD Reviews

My son is 23 years old and started starting having seizures at 8. He has one to several violent seizures per day (Partial complex and grand mal seizures). We tried the majority of different seizure meds with no relief. And, all had severe side effects. After switching him to a full spectrum CBD oil of 10mg per day – one full dropper, he seems to be having less seizures and I haven’t seen him have any seizures for 5 days. Behavior-wise he is more cooperative and is doing great at work. Before it was a constant battle for his aid to get him motivated to finish his work on time and do a good job. He was always arguing and refusing to follow direction. Now he gets in and gets his work done well. I am encouraged by all of this and hopeful that things will get better with more use. ~Mom Nicki. Son Age 23

I started taking CBD capsules as an anti-inflammatory twice a day for my shoulder. I was feeling serious pain and could hardly move. After 6 weeks it was getting worse.  I can say definitely that because of  it, the pain lessened within 2 1/2 weeks. I now have full range of motion. I’m also sleeping better. This in now a part of my daily regimen. ~Darren. Age 45

I’m free of knee and joint pain after 10 years from arthritis, knee and hip surgeries. I started taking CBD capsules once a day before breakfast. I was surprised to feel a difference in only two weeks. No more pain. ~Mary F. Age 87

I had intense pain from osteoarthritis and multiple knee surgeries. Only after taking the capsules (2x per day) for one month I’m out of pain and life is good again ~Deb. Age 73

I’m a dentist and felt relief in my back after taking the capsules for only two days. I have chronic back pain and do not like taking any prescription medications. I need to stay focused at all times so CBD is the perfect natural alternative. ~ Dr. David. Age 55

Our experience with CBD oil has been amazing! Our 18yr. old daughter is autistic and has petite, medium and grand mall seizures. She is also non verbal. The doctors told us that the anti-seizure medication was harming her organs and that we should find a more natural option. We started our daughter on one dropper of CBD oil two times per day (one in the am and one at night.) I mixed it with grape juice in a glass syringe. Within 2-weeks her behavior was better and she was looking and feeling better. This is a huge improvement. We have not seen a sudden unexpected seizure or breakthrough seizure. Our family and friends are noticing an improvement too. We are grateful and hopeful once again. ~Sydney. Age 18

I have chronic neck pain from a career as a professional water skier. I’ve tried everything but nothing worked. The pain kept me up every night and diminished my quality of life. My wife ordered CBD oil and capsules. Within a few days, I couldn’t believe how much better my neck felt. I highly recommend it for anyone suffering from an injury or inflammation. Steve. Age 49

I was a Delta airlines flight attendant for 25 years. I injured my back from catching a senior passenger and did not have time to brace myself. I’ve had chronic back pain ever since. I’ve also had wrist pain from the job. I’m grateful to a friend who referred me to try CBD. I’m sleeping better, happier and more active. ~Gina. Age 48

I’ve been taking CBD capsules for almost a month. I first noticed my stomach was feeling better and it’s helping my arthritis and joint pain. I’m trying to wean off a prescription medication with hopes in time I’ll be feeling 100% again. I also feel less anxious and am sleeping better. ~Kathy. Age 40

I’ve lived a professional athletic life and for 10 years have experienced pain due to arthritis. I’ve been taking one Natural Living capsule in the am before breakfast. On tough days, I take an additional half dropper of oil mixed with cranberry juice at night. My feet and hand pain have been reduced by 80%.  Being free of chronic pain has changed my life. ~Kate. Age 57

I’m a physical therapist and started my daughter and myself on the CBD oil for anxiety and stress just three months ago. We are both feeling much better. One day I had a severe stiff neck and applied the oil directly to it. Within a few hours I had full motion and no pain. ~Allison. Age 43

My daughter an I started using CBD oil for topical for skin problems. I have noticed my Rosacea is so much better and my daughter’s acne is not as inflamed. Before bedtime, we place a small drop on our fingers and dab it directly on the red areas. A little bit goes a long way. I’m sure the combination of ingesting the oil and capsules plus using the oil as a topical is helping our skin problems. ~Mom. Age 43 and Daughter. Age 20

My autistic son has kidney problems and has accidents during the night. We started him on CBD – taking two per day. One in the morning and one at night. So far no bed wetting accidents! This is amazing. Son. Age 25